“I forgot to get the coffee ready”, I thought as I yawned into the kitchen. “I get to make coffee, before having coffee. Yay.”

I usually get it ready the night before while I’m boiling the water for a nice relaxing mug of tea with honey. I drink relaxing tea with honey, now. This is how you know I am super-chill and am coping with the Delta wave of this Pandemic. My doctor says I need to get a handle on my anxiety. Well, I used to have anxiety, but now I drink relaxing tea with honey. …

Over-commitment and forgetfulness are a frustrating and frequently embarrassing combination. I do not recommend them. This Saturday morning in July, it is only the sight of my lonely trashcan waiting beside the road that reminds me, trash day was two mornings ago. I dress quickly and scurry outside to drag the can back behind my house.

It is not yet seven o’clock and the temperature is already in the high 80’s. I hurry up the driveway but slow down. I begin to smell something … bad. I live in a rural area and keep a small flock of hens; I…

I never imagined I would find myself planning and carrying out murder. I was surprised what it took to make deadly violence the solution to a problem. My love and respect for all life only goes so far, it seems.

I have shared my basement peacefully all summer with Delores the Basement Spider. She makes a good housemate. She is quiet, like most spiders. Unlike some, she stays politely in her funnel web under the basement freezer. I greet her whenever I’m downstairs and she politely moves back from her front step until I’m finished with my errand. I can…

We are going Outside! My Favorite!


My Food Lady is outside!

We are not going-for-a-walk

and not playing the tennis ball game.

We are not digging in the garden place

Or playing the tug-on-the-rope game.

And she is not in the swing with a book-thing

Or even playing the come-here-now-I-mean-it game.

She stretches out in the warm grass under the big tree

I will bring her a stick and be with her

we are together in the grass under the tree

We play the be-still-and-listen game

It is a Good Day. I am a Good Dog.

It is a Good Day

Some days are good days for scritches. The rest of the days are also good days for scritches.

Chewing things is my favorite
I am a very good Chewer-of-Things
My Food Lady's Lap is my favorite
I am a very bendy Lap Dog, she says
My Man of Good-est Skritches's Lap is my favorite
I the Tiny-est, Fuzzy-est Lap Dog, he says
Skritches are my favorite
I love all the Skritches
AndChewing the Things
on my Food Lady's Lap
and on My Man of Good-est Skritches Lap
and getting all the Skritches
Is my Favorite
This is how I know
I am a very, very Good Dog
This is a good place for Skritches. So is everywhere else, but also this place

Susan Lane Singley

Darwinian Gardener, Creative Educator, and sometimes Writer Person.

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