We are going Outside! My Favorite!


My Food Lady is outside!

We are not going-for-a-walk

and not playing the tennis ball game.

We are not digging in the garden place

Or playing the tug-on-the-rope game.

And she is not in the swing with a book-thing

Or even playing the come-here-now-I-mean-it game.

She stretches out in the warm grass under the big tree

I will bring her a stick and be with her

we are together in the grass under the tree

We play the be-still-and-listen game

It is a Good Day. I am a Good Dog.

It is a Good Day

Some days are good days for scritches. The rest of the days are also good days for scritches.

Chewing things is my favorite
I am a very good Chewer-of-Things
My Food Lady's Lap is my favorite
I am a very bendy Lap Dog, she says
My Man of Good-est Skritches's Lap is my favorite
I the Tiny-est, Fuzzy-est Lap Dog, he says
Skritches are my favorite
I love all the Skritches
AndChewing the Things
on my Food Lady's Lap
and on My Man of Good-est Skritches Lap
and getting all the Skritches
Is my Favorite
This is how I know
I am a very, very Good Dog
This is a good place for Skritches. So is everywhere else, but also this place

I am off the Yoga Mat; I am a very Good Dog

Who’s a good dog? Who’s a good dog?


It is a good thing I am here
My Peoples cannot hear or see or smell, I think

They do not hear the refrigerator make the scary
grind and clunk noise every 30 minutes
I bark to let them know
every time

They cannot see the threatening man-person
who carries cardboard boxes
I bork-bork and he drops the cardboard
and runs away
every time

They do not smell the many, many dogs
that have walked the trails before us
The tracks must all be investigated
and deeply sniffed to tell which dogs are tricksy
(They are all tricksy)

My Poor Peoples do not understand the dangers of:
wind chimes
sticks that look like snakes
hoses that look…

Susan Lane Singley

Darwinian Gardener, Creative Educator, and sometimes Writer Person.

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